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The Pearson Fountain Automatic Transplanter

The Pearson AUTOPLANTER is the result of a 10 year development programme, initially undertaken by major Lincolnshire plant growers R. Fountain & Sons and now by Richard Pearson Ltd.

Excellent manufacturing pedigree.
Since 1955, RICHARD PEARSON Ltd has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of a range of agricultural machinery which is sold worldwide..

Fountains recognized the need for a non-labour intensive transplanter to match the rapid growth in use of modules for Brassica plants and the need for Nursery Growers and Farmers to use their existing, rigid plastic module trays.

Armed with their years of experience and plant knowledge Fountain’s began designing the machine from the point of view of a plant and how best to handle it, and not simply from an engineering standpoint.

Many other designs that existed around the world suffered from inherent problems of poor plant handling and reliability.
They settled on a basic design. The Mark 1 Prototype machine commenced in 2000 and was tested in 2001.

A second prototype Mark 2 machine was built and field tested in 2002. The Mark 3, a 5 head machine followed and completed over 500 acres in 2003 in a variety of soil conditions and a full range of Brassica varieties.

Growers were very impressed with the accuracy and speed of planting and the upright nature and firm seedling position in the soil.

A Worldwide Licensing Agreement was signed between RICHARD PEARSON Ltd and R Fountain & Sons Ltd in 2004.

Since 2004 the Pearson team has worked closely with Fountains and evolved and developed the Autoplanter. Superior enhancements and the use of modern, high-tech materials have transformed the prototype into the world’s most exciting Automatic module transplanter.

Latest models are working in Brassica crops in the UK and in Tomatoes in the USA.

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The Pearson Fountain Autoplanter

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