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The Pearson Fountain Automatic Transplanter

FEATURES and BENEFITS of the Pearson 5 Row Autoplanter:

The Autoplanter is simple to operate thanks to a well thought out program with an intuitive touch-panel interface. Training is minimal.

Carbon Fingers

Carbon rods for strength and rigidity

Proven, reliable components coupled with a three year guarantee on Mitsubishi Industrial Electronics

Minimum labour
Just 1 skilled operator and 1 tractor driver No gang labour, no constant re-training and supervision.

Intelligent software
There is one main job for the Operator. He has only to input into the control panel the tray size and plant spacing. Should any problem arise during planting, he pulls a cord attached to a buzzer to draw the driver’s attention.
After stopping, the intelligent software is pre-programmed to recognise and remember it’s position and will automatically restart the machine in the correct plant setting.

Module Separation
A problem experienced by is the cross rooting in trays between adjacent modules. An clever, patented separation system overcomes this problem.

A line of picking fingers removes the modules from a tray and before the precision placement into pairs of index fingers, each picking finger assembly (rod and block) separates, rather like a concertina, teasing apart the roots from the adjacent module and inserting the module into the Index fingers.
The design greatly reduces and normally negates the risk of foliage entanglement.

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* Module knife retainers

As the row of modules is precisely placed into the index fingers, a set of flat knives enters from the side into each module, anchoring each one in the correct position in the base of each pair of index fingers as the picking fingers then retract upwards.

Furthermore, as each module approaches the transfer point into the delivery belts, the index fingers open up wider and further separate the seedling module prior to the fast transfer down to the coulter.

* Superior indexing avoids ‘gapping up’

A positive system senses the lack of foliage so, when detecting a missing plant, the index belt automatically speeds up to replace the empty module. There is a sensor for each index belt.

The other heads continue to plant at the standard pre-set setting and the head which has compensated (indexed) for the missing plant also returns to the standard pre-set spacing for the next plant. There are no large gaps and no infill needed - which means - No ‘dibbing-in’ labour is required!

* Gentle handling

The seedlings are handled precisely and gently. Once the seedling has been indexed it passes into the delivery belt. This special long life belt has a cushioned surface to maintain a gentle grip on the stem and foliage without damage - maintaining the spacing set by the computer and transporting modules down into the coulter.

* Large press wheels

Mounted on bearings and machined for accurate rotation and scraping efficiency, the large diameter press wheels firm the plants into the soil and contribute to the planted seedling maintaining an up right nature. Any sticky soils are cleaned off by a precision mounted scrapers and rubber flaps minimise soil adhesion.


Delivery belt switchover system

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