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The Pearson Fountain Automatic Transplanter

FEATURES and BENEFITS of the Pearson 5 Row Autoplanter:

As the planter requires just one operator the LABOUR SAVINGS are truly exciting and result in a short payback when planting for a typical 100 day UK season

Heads and trays

Heads and trays

1.5 to 2 years. The best germination rates will give the fastest payback.

Averages 20% more per day than 10 row semi-automatic machines

Can be worked in two shifts for near 24 hour work when required. Dry weather advantages over lightweight manual planters are that plants are firmer and deeper planted in ridges when needed. Deals with damp and wet soils well, thanks to good coulter design and clean press wheels

Deep in moisture, tight clod pusher

Tight and deep in the moisture, and in an upright position

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Auto-sensing Selection takes place at up to 3.5 plants per second for handling poorly germinated trays with ease.
Unlike plants in-filled by hand after the machine has passed - ALL machine planted modules will grow on as the others.
Some cross-rooting is handled with no loss of speed and lower germinated trays can be in-filled to a higher germination level.

Clean Tray Pick

Clean tray pick

An innovative Positive Pick mechanism ensures an excellent ‘clean’ tray.
Modules should have a good root structure for effective handling through the machine.

An even canopy denotes a Pearson Autoplanted field!

Uniform Plants

Uniform growth

Worldwide the Choice of Professional Growers for Quality
Pearson Autoplanter page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | Click the photos on these pages to see larger images

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